We have been asked a few times who we are and why we decided to set up our own Crossfit Competition. So sit back, relax and listen to the story of the birth of Rep It Out UK.

To start with it may be an idea to explain exactly who we are. Dan ‘Pat’ Paterson is one of the founding coaches at Wakefield Crossfit as well as a established PT. Dan lives and breaths fitness. He regularly competes, constantly pushes not only himself but his clients and member to get better, and gets genuinely excited when he sees someone totally out of their comfort zone and hit a PB. Dan is the brain child behind Rep It Out UK. He is probably the first to admit however that attention to detail is not his strong point and he gets distracted quicker than a four year old child.

Dan knew he wanted to create and design his own competition, however he also knew that it was a massive task to ensure it was done right. He had the fitness and programming knowledge, not to mention the experience behind his competing, however the logistical elements of the event left him stumped a little.

Enter his partner in crime is Jackie Naylor. Jackie has worked in the event industry for more years then she would care to admit and regularly goes and gets her backside handed to her during one of Dans PT sessions. It is fair to say Jackie is not a natural athlete however over the past couple of years she has managed to turn her life around under Dan’s guidance. She is now fitter and stronger than she has ever been and has a love/hate relationship when it comes to training.

Dan initially approached Jackie to get some advice on how to go about organising an event of this nature. It soon became apparent that they worked a lot better together in partnership. Each others weakness was the others strength so they balanced (and frustrated the crap) out of each other perfectly.

So with the team now in place the planning could start. They knew they wanted it in the north as they are both really proud of their northern routes, they knew they wanted it in doors so they didn’t have the added headache of the British weather to contend with and they knew they wanted it to be quality. The rest was totally made up as it went along thanks to a whole load of hard work, great big dollops of luck and amazing support from friends, family and colleagues.

Fast forward 12 months of venue searching, sponsor recruiting, programming, advertising, late nights, trillions of message sending, countless coffees, a mountain of blagging and you get the first ever Rep It Out Competition.

To say it was a labour of love was an understatement. The pair poured their all into the event that you witnessed on the 11th October. Two complete opposites dragging the other out of their comfort zone to help deliver a rough yet slick event.

Why does this work?? No idea… it just does.