Frequently Asked Questions

We know you will have a couple of questions about the event. Hopefully we will answer a few of them below. If not please do drop us a line on

How do I enter?

Simple, you click on the registration link, fill in your detail and you are good to go. Please ensure that you enter your email address carefully as this will be where your event information will be sent.

Do I need to be part of an affiliate?

No you can register independently, however we will need to verify your score.

Can I have an extension on submitting my qualifiers?

No, there is no movement on this at all. As you can appreciate we have hundreds of different qualifier videos to go through and check. We have extended the deadline to submit so there is no excuses.

My Leaderboard positioning is changing, why is that?

The Leaderboard can change right up until we send out the confirmation emails. This can be down to a number of reasons. If we can not see your video clearly or the link does not work, your score will be reduced to zero. Likewise if the reps do not correlate with the score, they will be deducted, so please ensure that everything is set and working before the 5th August.

I am away for the beginning of July on holiday, can I still submit my results?

You have until the 6pm on the 5th August to submit all three qualifiers. You do not have to submit them directly after they have been released, although we would recommend that you get them up ASAP in case of any technical difficulties. Anything submitted after 6pm on the 5th will not be included.

My video stopped recording half way through my qualifier, do I need to redo it?

I am afraid so, so make sure you are fully charged or have a backup when you start.

What does my qualifying video need to show?

At the start of your qualifying video we need you to clearly state your names, team name and box. We also (and this is really important) need you to show the equipment along with the weights used. Unsure that you get both athletes in the shot when working out.

Why is it important I check my qualifying links?

It is important because if we can not see your video we will just zero your scores. We will also not contact you to tell you this. As harsh as this sounds,  we have hundreds of videos to work our way through in a short space of time. So you need to take responsibility for yourselves.

How do we submit our qualifier video?

You can submit you video either through Youtube or Facebook, you can then upload the link on your Leaderboard submission. Please do not email them direct as they will not qualify.

Our video is taking ages to upload, what can I do?

Try using 4G instead of the wifi, Download YouTube capture and use that or upload via Facebook and attach that link. As long as your settings aren’t set to private we will be able to watch it. Please do leave plenty of time to ensure everything is uploaded and working. WE CAN NOT ACCEPT PARTIAL RECORDINGS OR EMAILED LINKS.

What is the age for the Masters category?

To compete in the Masters division you must have a combined age of 75 with a minimum age of 35.

My partner is injured, can I switch?

We will allow one replacement of a partner due to injury. Your new partner must be of the same quality however (otherwise they may struggle with the workouts). You have until the 22nd September 2019 to do this.

Can I change my team name?

No, once it has been submitted at the time of booking it is locked in.

Do I have to pay again to accept my final position?

Yes there will be a charge of £75 plus the providers booking fee to confirm your position.

Will the WODS be released prior to the competition?

Some of the workouts will be released, we will leave a few to be announced on the day, this includes the final.

Can my family come along and spectate?

Absolutely! The more the merrier. Spectator tickets can be purchased on our registration page.

Will there be refreshments available on the day?

We know how important it is for you to be able to fuel your body correctly, and also how difficult this can be when you are stay away, overnight from home. With this in mind we have invited back Pride and Produce who will be there to offer some clean, hot food at a reasonable price.

How long will my final placed be open for acceptance?

We will offer the final positions to the top 160 teams. This will be open for 1 week where we will then start offering it further down the ladder. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR PLACE IS NOT GUARANTEED SO BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT. 

I can no longer attend the event, please can you send out my Athlete top?

Unfortunately not, the tops are for athletes who have completed the finals only.

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