Terms & Conditions

Here is the fine print. If you do have any questions or queries please do feel free to drop us a line….we are always up for a chat!

  • It is the athletes responsibility to ensure that they are completing each of the movements set out correctly. Rep It Out UK are not responsible for any injury incurred.
  • Rep It Out UK are not responsible for the athletes safety whilst athletes are completing each workout. Each workout is performed at the athletes own risk.
  • It is the athletes responsibility to take part in each of the workouts.
  • All teams must be same sex
  • Athletes competing must be named at the point of registration. Proof of identity may be requested on the day.
  • No refunds
  • Please inform us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend the event for whatever reason.

Athlete Waiver

So you have made the cut and are getting ready to attend the final to show the world what your box is made off. Before any of this can happen we need you to agree to the attached Waiver document.

Mint Comp! Very well run day with challenging workouts. Loved it.

Tom Blay

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